Nintendo Wii Plot RVL-001 with Wii Sports actions, Wii Play and Household Feud TESTED

Nintendo Wii Plot RVL-001 with Wii Sports actions, Wii Play and Household Feud TESTED

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Frail: An item that has been weak beforehand. The object would possibly perhaps even devour some indicators of cosmetic place on, nonetheless is fully




Platform: Nintendo Wii


Customized Bundle: Accelerate
Form: Handheld Plot Location Code: NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)
Manufacturer Color: White Bundle Description: Nintendo Wii console with Wii Sports actions sport


About this product

Product Data
The Nintendo Wii is a house video sport console in the color white. It was first released in 2006 by Nintendo and launched the Wii A ways flung controller, which will seemingly be weak as a handheld pointing application and which detects actions in three dimensions. Diverse other controllers will seemingly be supplied individually and linked to the Wii or to the Wii A ways flung. Wii video games are conducted from DVD-form Wii optical discs. Video games from consoles that had been released sooner than the Wii are downloaded from the on-line suddenly to the console with the Virtual Console carrier.

Product Identifiers
Impress Nintendo
GTIN 0689192503430
UPC 0641022978153, 0045496342074, 0004549688088
Model Wii
eBay Product ID (ePID) 223459468

Product Key Facets
Platform Nintendo Wii
Color White
Form Handheld Plot
Manufacturer Color White

Weight 2.7lb.
Width 1.73in.
High 6.18in.
Depth 8.48in.

Further Product Facets
Audio Output Strengthen Stereo
Product Name Nintendo Wii
RAM Ability 85.2MB
Energy Provide Sorts Energy Adapter-Exterior
Tool Input Strengthen A ways flung Management
Console Color White
Country Location United States
CPU Ibm “Broadway” PowerPC
Product Line Nintendo Wii
Unlock Date November/2006
RAM Skills 1t-Sram
Memory Ability 3MB
Location Code NTSC
Version Initiating Version
Data superhighway Connectivity Wi-fi

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