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Today, every business of any scope knows that a web site is necessary to their success. The only question is the scope that meets the needs of that business. Running a business that does not have a web site is like running a business without a telephone.

What Kind of Site Do You Need?

Brochure If you run a retail operation and don't have clients outside of your region, this is often the site that will meet your business needs best [more].

Commerce. If you run a retail operation and have clients outside of your region, and/or need to support those clients, this is the type site that will meet your business needs best [more].

Windows. Some people prefer Windows servers. Each of ours has FrontPage Extensions and are the latest 2000 servers available, with ASP and all the typical Windows tools [more].

Dedicated. If you run a very active service with heavy database, commerce, or other needs, a managed server may be needed. Less than 1% of our clients need this level of service, and when you meet that kind of need we are the best service available to help you make the transition [more].

Why Choose Web Page Hosting Services?

Reliability. Our average server was down less than 5-minutes last year. This compares to 48-96 hours by the others. We have eight redundant connections to the backbone OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48. We have three power backup protections (on trunk, battery, and diesel generator).

Protection. If all else fails, we have servers standing by on reserve, daily off site backup of all servers, and a tertiary backup to a third location.

Cost per performance. We give high quality web page hosting services for less. We offer the largest array of services for hosting and access available. Our performance levels are the highest around and our costs for that level of service is at or below other services.

Support. Depending on the plan, most services are activated within a half-hour. Most of that time is filling out the "paperwork." We have one of the most extensive support sites in the world. (Even our competition uses them.) Sites have a control panel access so you can control your site any time, within seconds.

Services. Our founding firm has been advising businesses on ways to be profitable since 1973. We have bee helping businesses on the Internet since 1993. While hosting and access services have failed, we have prospered. Further, those we host and advise have continued to prosper. Some making over $100 for every Internet dollar they invested. Services that help you prosper include full visitor logging that highlights business issues instead of technical babble.


Simply order online and your site will be set up within a few minutes. You will receive email confirmation with additional site specific instructions assistance placing your site on the Internet.

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