Nintendo Sport Boy Come Purple Handheld Console Machine GBA TESTED!

Nintendo Sport Boy Come Purple Handheld Console Machine GBA TESTED!

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Sport Boy Come – Authentic

Platform: Nintendo Sport Boy Come Nation/Space of Create: Unknown


Resolution: Below 480p
Form: Handheld Machine Build/Cease: Quiet
Space Code: Space Free Product Name: Sport Boy Come
Manufacturer Color: Indigo Bundle Itemizing: No


Stressful Power Capacity: doesn’t discover




About this product

Product Info
The Nintendo Sport Boy Come is powered by two AA batteries and accepts rechargeable batteries, rechargeable battery packs, and AC energy through an adapter. The system operates for as much as eight hours of exact usage on a single price. It has a 16.78 MHz ARM7TDMI CPU for its central processor and an 8 or 4 MHz Z80 coprocessor for backward compatibility. The Z80 processor robotically activates and switches to the lawful MHz score when it detects the presence of Sport Boy Color or customary Sport Boy video games upon booting of the machine. The ARM7TDMI CPU is optimized for sprites and displays as much as 50 of them on the camouflage at a time. It has a 240×160 (HQVGA) pixel resolution with Personalized 2D core 32-bit graphics, though it is furthermore in a position to showing classic “Mode 7” vogue 3D in some video games. Pixels are engaging and crisp and dispute a stout RGB coloration palette. The LCD camouflage is lit by ambient gentle, increasing the longevity of the batteries. The “panorama” originate factor is designed for long-term comfort, with the D-pad, buttons, and shoulder buttons located for optimal ergonomics. The Come is in a position to playing thousands of video games on cartridge. Because of the its recognition and longevity, different instruments and add-ons had been introduced. The e-reader attachment enables play of classic Nintendo system on the system by technique of details playing cards, and a few cartoons are on hand by technique of particular video cartridges. Third occasion make stronger is furthermore noteworthy, with entrance lighting kits and exterior lights being widely on hand. Because of the the system’s energy, different video games from the NES and SNES library had been furthermore ported to the system. The graphical energy of the system is connected to the SNES, though its 32-bit nature permits the present of an increasing number of shiny colours, as demonstrated on many customary items of system developed for the system. Because of the the noteworthy processor, it is in a position to showing stout movement video at 30 frames per second, and most system runs on the identical price.

Product Identifiers
Trace Nintendo
UPC 0045496712112
Model Sport Boy Come
eBay Product ID (ePID) 108508139

Product Key Aspects
Platform Nintendo Sport Boy Come
Color Purple
Form Handheld Machine
Space Code Space Free
Manufacturer Color Indigo

Weight 0.31lb.
Width 5.69in.
High 0.97in.
Depth 3.2in.

Further Product Aspects
Product Name Nintendo Sport Boy Come
RAM Capacity 256KB
Battery Form 2X AA Battery
Console Color Purple
Stressful Power Caché 32KB
CPU Arm7tdmi and Engaging Lr35902
Product Line Nintendo Sport Boy
Unlock Date June/2001
Show Measurement 2.9in.
RAM Technology WRAM
Battery Uptime As much as 15hr.
Model Launch Model

Cease Date: Thursday Feb-20-2020 16: 33: 58 PST
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