Nintendo Gamecube Bundle Wavebird Spice Video games – Rupture Melee Mario Kart Metroid

Nintendo Gamecube Bundle Wavebird Spice Video games – Rupture Melee Mario Kart Metroid

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Connectivity: Composite RCA, Element RCA Model:

Nintendo GameCube

Build Code: NTSC-U/C (US/Canada) Platform: Nintendo GameCube
Manufacturer Shade: Jet Dark Shade:




Model: Home Console


About this product

Product Knowledge
The Nintendo GameCube is a console that’s completely portable however packs huge vitality. It measures 14 inches in prime, dimension, and depth, and it weighs only five kilos. The unit’s case is product of beautiful, jet-dusky plastic, and it is equipped with a handy take care of. The GameCube is the first Nintendo to reveal disc-basically based media in preference to cartridges. Total, extra than 600 titles had been released for this portable leisure setup. The system is equipped with four controller slots, which makes it astronomical for multiplayer gaming. You are going to abet up and save your games the reveal of a removable SD card. This intention also has 40 megabytes of internal memory. The GameCube owes its lightning-hasty performance to the 485-megahertz Gekko processor that IBM designed particularly for this console. This gaming system also makes reveal of a the truth is subtle graphics processor called the Flipper, which is in a position to high-stage simultaneous assignment management. The reset change ability that you can open whatever game you’re playing from its foundation. The disc quilt opens by pressing a button to the suited of the reset change. The GameCube is a high-functioning piece of digital gear. On the bottom of the case, you’ll salvage a high-tempo port and a serial port. These permit you to join your gear to a modem or a broadband adapter. With an adapter, probabilities are you’ll well additionally interact part in online multiplayer games or reveal a wireless GameCube controller. The ports into which probabilities are you’ll well additionally trip cabled controllers or other Nintendo gear would be came upon on the front of the unit. Below these ports are two slots for memory cards. The GameCube’s abet sports actions a DC enter connection port, which allows this digital intention to be plugged into a historical electrical outlet. It’s a precise suggestion to unplug your console from your electrical wall outlet when it’s no longer in reveal. Below this, there’s the slot you’ll reveal to join the GameCube to a stereo audio or video cable. These cables will permit you to play your games the reveal of a TV show.

Product Identifiers
Label Nintendo
GTIN 0045496940027
UPC 0045496940027
Model Nintendo GameCube
eBay Product ID (ePID) 110655423

Product Key Aspects
Platform Nintendo GameCube
Shade Dark
Model Home Console
Connectivity Composite RCA, Element RCA
Build Code NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)
Manufacturer Shade Jet Dark

Weight 0.31lb.
Width 5.91in.
Height 4.33in.
Depth 6.3in.

Extra Product Aspects
Audio Output Give a rep to Stereo
Sound Processor Ati Flipper 81MHz
Product Establish Nintendo GameCube
RAM Skill 24MB
Energy Supply Varieties Energy Provide-External, Energy Provide-Internal
Voltage 120V
Battery Model Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Console Shade Jet Dark
Plan Enter Give a rep to Game Pad
Storage Skill 40MB
Supported Media Cartridge
Nation Build United States
Reward Model LCD
Onerous Force Caché 256KB Write-Back
Video Shade Output Shade
CPU Ibm PowerPC
Video Outputs Composite Video, Hf TV Signal, Element Video
Enclosure Fabric Plastic
Processor Quantity 1
Product Line Nintendo GameCube
RAM Technology 1t-Sram
Battery Uptime As much as 18hr.
Localization English
CPU Caché 96KB
Model Starting up Model
Web Connectivity Wired

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